Costcutter Supermarkets Group (CSG) will begin the trial of the new phase of its shopper insights programme Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive.

Launched at CSG’s expo in Harrogate last month, the programme is being trialled with expo attendees, before rolling out to all member retailers.

Retailers in the trial will this month receive wall charts specifically tailored to each store’s shopper demographics. The charts dovetail with the new updated programme dashboards, which contain specific information about the most highly indexing shopper personas in each store’s trading zone and include seasonal insights that will drive profitable growth based on each store’s unique mix of shoppers.

Sean Russell, marketing director at CSG, said: “Stores that undergo the full Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive refit programme are reporting strong double digit increase in sales growth, typically of 20% or more. However, Shopper First: Drive Five to Thrive isn’t intended to be just about refits; it’s about giving all stores actionable insights that can be implemented with little to no investment and help them reap the rewards.

“Research shows the average store only attracts 10% of its local catchment – that means 90% aren’t currently using their local store. The data we’re giving our retailers shows who isn’t shopping with them and provides the tools, guidance and support they need to bring in new shoppers and drive incremental sales.”