Suki Somel, who runs the Drinks 4 Less convenience store in Corby, Northants, has no doubt where to focus when he ventured for a refit of the store.

In fact, the growing demand for fresh food from shoppers has played a major role in Somel, who operated the store as a Nisa partner for seven years, deciding to go for the refit.

“We have never really sold much food and certainly not fresh produce, but people are coming in and asking for it now and so we think the time is right to develop the store,” he said.

The 1,600 sq.ft store has now been re-fitted and converted to Nisa’s latest Evolution format. The store has also been re-layed with the counter and chillers moved to allow more space for additional food lines.

“Since Nisa and the Co-op deal there are some great products that we can have that our shoppers will really like,” Somel said.

The range has been expanded to include more world food, bread and bakes and impulse goods including share bags of crisps and confectionery.

But importantly, the chilled and food to go range has been increased with the focus on Co-op products and Somel is hopeful shoppers will be as excited by the new additions to the store as he and his staff are.

“We are giving something back to our customers and investing in the store for them. They have been asking for the greater product range and so I hope they will like what we have done, and it will encourage them to keep shopping with us,” he said.

“We will be pushing the groceries much more with these changes and so we should sell much more. We are all really excited about it.”