The inaugural ‘Diversity in Inclusion in Grocery’ conference, jointly organised by Tesco, Accenture, P&G, Mondelez and Coca Cola on 7 March at the Wembley stadium, marked a collective stride forward by the grocery industry in pursuit of inclusivity and equality for all.

A first of its kind in the industry, the conference attracted participation from over 800 delegates across the sector, sharing knowledge and best practice from over 50 companies in a packed agenda that culminated with a rousing speech from Baroness Karren Brady of Kensington.

Hosts for the event, Tesco’s Alessandra Bellini and Mondelez’s Louise Stigant set the tone by sharing their own personal ‘diversity and inclusion’ stories.

A panel of senior executives from the five founding companies – Tesco’s Kari Daniels, P&G’s Ranya Shamoon, Accenture’s Jill Standish, Coca Cola’s Leendert den Hollander and Mondelez’s Mary Barnard – tackled subjects ranging from the role of men in driving gender equality to the challenges faced by smaller businesses to drive diversity within their organisations.

The panel took turns to also share their personal stories, giving moving accounts of events that have shaped them as leaders, what they learnt and how their experience is helping drive change in their own organisations.

Concluding the event, Baroness Karren Brady, ‘the first lady of football’, took to the stage to tell her own unique journey, sharing captivating tales from her career that has seen her climbing to the top in a male dominated environment.

Various speed networking booths and learning sessions on self-development were also held as part of the conference.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the industry charity, GroceryAid.