Captain Morgan is set to bring back its seven limited edition bottles launched last year. The brand will also change its name with for each bottle to tap into the growing personalisation trend.

Available across grocery and in convenience channels until July, the iconic Captain Morgan label will replace ‘Morgan’ with seven different names: Drama, Banter, Comedy, Genius, Retro, Clueless and Karaoke, giving consumers the opportunity to celebrate the unique personalities of those in their friendship ‘crew’.

The label has also been updated this year to enhance the font, ensuring a greater stand-out on shelf.

Nik Keane, global brand director for Captain Morgan, said: “Following the huge success of this campaign last year for retailers, we knew we had to bring it back for another year. We’re further amplifying the launch this year, with a total of 15 countries now activating the campaign across Europe, a strong media and influencer campaign, and a revised bottle label that really stands out.”

The launch will also be supported by a through the line campaign, including TV, VOD, social media, influencers and partnerships, amongst other channels.