Captain Birds Eye is back on TV and is now an Italian.

Riccardo Acerbi, 56, grew up in Rome and nearby Lazio.

In the ads the Captain jumps into the ocean with his grandson before eating fish fingers.

One Twitter user wrote: “This sexy fisherman isn’t the Captain Birdseye we know and love.”

Another added: “Well, hello sailor.”

Steve Challouma, Birds Eye Marketing Director, said: “Captain Birds Eye has always been a trusted brand icon, with a passion for great quality fish and maritime adventure.

“Having grown up by the sea, Riccardo captures the essence of our much-loved captain and his love for the simple things in life – something many of us aspire to.”

John Hewer, the most widely recognised Captain Birds Eye, was on TV from 1967 to 1998 and died in 2008 aged 86.

Acerbi has replaced Mitch Commins, a retired fishery worker who admitted suffering from seasickness, who began his tenure in 2016 aged 68.

Birds Eye’s fish divsion has grown 7.1 per cent year on year.