Burton's Biscuit

In support of the PHE 100 calorie snack initiative, Burton’s Biscuit Company is reformatting its core Minis products and adding an on pack 100-calorie flash.

The 100-calorie flash will appear on packs of Maryland Minis, Maryland Minis Double Choc and Jammie Dodgers Minis from mid-August, with both Maryland Minis multi-packs reformatted to offer an additional inner bag with a slightly smaller portion size that hits 100 calories per serve, and ensures continued value for money.

The new 138.6g (7×19.8g) format is supported by research that said consumers would prefer a slightly smaller portion size if it meant 100 calories per serve.

“Biscuits can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet, and we’re pleased to launch a category first initiative that’s a positive step towards easier and more informed choices at the fixture,” says Mandy Bobrowski, UK & Ireland Marketing Director at Burton’s Biscuit Company.

“Over half of Mini Biscuits are consumed by children, mostly at lunchtime or as an afternoon snack, so highlighting the calorie content on-pack will enable parents to make decisions when it comes to buying for their children – particularly following the government’s Change 4 Life campaign message of ‘100-calorie snacks – two a day max’.”

Burton’s is the leading manufacturer of Minis in the £80m Kids Minis market, with the Maryland Minis brand worth £11m and in growth by +7%.

burtoEarlier this year, Burton’s announced  £1m+ marketing support for its iconic £50m Maryland brand, kicking off 12 months of sustained activity including a return to TV, ongoing social media activity, in-store activation, and NPD with details to be announced.