The brand has collaborated with Gemma Correll, an Instagram-famous illustrator, to create a suite of images that humorously captures the realities of being on your period.

Following the insight that nearly half (45%) of UK women and girls find it difficult to talk about their periods, Bodyform is continuing its mission to normalise conversations and break taboos.

This latest launch supports the brand’s longstanding history of using humour to drive positive engagement with the subject of menstruation, which began in 2012 with the launch of its viral video ‘The Truth’ and more recently with its petition to get period ‘Femojis’ added to the official Unicode keyboard.

In continuation of this, Bodyform has commissioned a new series of six amusing illustrations. Each humorous illustration will feature a common period ‘truth’ that many women experience, from ruining a favourite pair of knickers after mistakenly thinking your period is over, to battling excruciating cramps whilst going about your day-to-day life.

“These problems are all very common and ones that many women share, but they still aren’t talked about openly,” explains Marketing Manager for Bodyform, Traci Baxter. “Humour is a great comfort blanket and a proven tactic to help women feel more comfortable about sharing their own thoughts and experiences. After all, a period problem shared is a problem halved!”

The images are being penned by Gemma Correll, who is known for her distinct artistic style. The talented illustrator, who has used her work to tackle other ‘taboo’ subjects like anxiety and rejection, has built an impressive social media following, with almost half a million followers on Instagram alone.