Black Tower

German wine brand Black Tower is expanding its low alcohol offering in order to boost its appeal to health-conscious Millennials over the festive season. With an RRP of £3.50-4.00 and an ABV of 0.5%, the new range includes red, white, rosé and sparkling varietals.

As the trend to lower alcohol consumption continues, the wine market is shrinking, highlighting the strategic and growing importance of low/no, said the brand in a statement. Black Tower is the first wine brand to enter the low alcohol wine market.

“Consumers want to enjoy Christmas parties, family meals and New Year celebrations without jeopardising their diets and impacting their general health,” said Alison Fleming MW, Black Tower’s Export Sales Director. “In particular, our target audience – female and Millennial drinkers – wish to moderate their alcohol consumption.”

“Attitudes have changed thanks to the taste and quality of low alcohol wines greatly improving with comparable alternatives to popular varieties now available. As a trusted brand, we are perfectly positioned to capitalise on this trend and broaden our offering”.

Black Tower Deliciously Light White has aromas of passion fruit and grape, Rosé has aromas of blackberry and strawberry, Red, of blackcurrant and spices and Sparkling, of peach and pear.