Birds Eye

Birds Eye has decided to wave goodbye to its Inspirations brand and relaunch the premium frozen fish range under the new reinvigorated Captain range.

The frozen food specialist said the decision to discontinue Inspirations follows lengthy research and testing. Besides, last year the Captain Birds Eye range has contributed £141 million to frozen fish, growing ahead of the market.

“It isn’t a move that we have taken lightly. We’ve invested heavily in research to ensure this is the right move for the brand and our customers. The Captain is our most distinctive asset – he’s the number one food icon in the UK,” said Rebecca Nascimento, UK General Marketing Manager- Fish at Birds Eye.

The range will benefit from the brand’s £7 million marketing campaign, and the new packaging design brings the flavours to life with fresh ingredients, supported with the prominent brand icon.

“Almost half the country has bought a Captain Birds Eye product in the last year,” Nascimento continued. “We’re confident that by bringing our premium range on board, we will attract new shoppers to the brand and frozen fish category. This was rubberstamped when we put the premium Captain packaging into testing. New shoppers expressed greater appeal and existing shoppers told us that findability and standout was significantly higher.”