Bestway updates website


Bestway Wholesale has strengthened its online offering with an update to its e-commerce website.

Improvement in the search function is the main feature of the latest update, with the introduction of auto-complete, a clear button. It also ensures products still appear if customers mistype words.

An additional 65,000 product images have also been added to the site.

“We’ve ensured our e-commerce website carries the same usability as consumer shopping websites, so that customers get the best shopping experience with Bestway,” said Salih Sheikh, head of digital and marketing at Bestway.

The updates will also benefit suppliers, whose products will now appear in more searches and who will now have more opportunity to advertise on the site to make their products stand out.

The website will also provide a heatmapping analysis to suppliers. This has resulted in permanent arrows being added to the homepage carousel and some of the non-used features and duplicates being removed, so it’s easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

The carousel banners also change automatically in line with stock levels now too, to avoid customers being shown a great deal on products that are out of stock.