Beefeater is launching Beefeater Pink gin.

Fusing strawberry flavour, citrus and juniper botanicals, Beefeater Pink is a refreshing gin.
The RRP is £18.99 and it has 37.5% ABV.

Eric Sampers, Brand Director for Beefeater Gin, comments: “Beefeater Pink really captures what gin has become, a modern, vibrant, colourful and innovative category, where consumers are not afraid to challenge the classics and conventions. Distilled in London, Beefeater Pink represents the spirit of the city where convention and modernity coexist with each other.”

Sophie Gallois, Managing Director of The Gin Hub, adds: “We know that the gin industry is booming and there is a real appetite for new and innovative expressions that offer consumers a different drinking experience. In Spain, for example, the pink gin trend accounts for 40%1 of all value growth within the total gin category, so there is huge potential to tap into. I’m delighted that The Gin Hub is introducing Beefeater Pink. This statement drink showcases the incredible quality of Beefeater Gin, while the fresh addition of strawberry to our vibrant botanicals gives the drink its pink colour.”