Beefeater Gin launches latest expression – Blood Orange


Beefeater, gin brand from Pernod Ricard, has announced the launched a new expression, Blood Orange, inspired by the Orange Gin distilled by Beefeater’s founder, James Burrough in 1876.

Created to satisfy a growing global thirst for fruit-flavoured gin, Beefeater Blood Orange has a bitter-sweet juicy flavour and a vibrant, striking colour.

Chris Ellis, commercial director for Pernod Ricard UK, commented: “There is a significant opportunity in the UK for Orange Gin, as 83 percent of current growth is incremental to the wider category. Orange Gin has swiftly become the second fastest growing gin flavor, after pink, yet the majority of Orange Gins currently on the market are only available at a super-premium price.

“Enter Beefeater Blood Orange, the accessible Orange Gin. We were blown away by the success of Beefeater Pink last year, and with Premium+ Orange Gin growing faster in its infancy than its pink equivalent did, we can’t wait to see how Beefeater Blood Orange performs.”

The new expression builds on Beefeater’s long history of experimentation, which saw founder James Burrough develop his first Orange Gin using oranges sourced from London’s iconic Covent Garden fruit market. Today, Beefeater Blood Orange is expertly made in London under the watchful eye of  Master Distiller, Desmond Payne MBE – a pioneer of the modern gin industry.

“Like our founder James Burrough, who created his first Orange Gin to appeal to his contemporaries almost 150 years ago, we have created this zesty new gin for the cocktail and spritz drinkers of 2019, who will love its enticing citrus aromas, bold flavours and statement shade,” said  Payne.

Beefeater Blood Orange will be piloted exclusively in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Available across the on and off-trade (RRP £18.99) from March 2019.