Rolling out from August, the packaging refresh across the range of Aquafresh Kids’ toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwashes, aims to help make it easier for parents to shop the kids oral care aisle and to help them select the right product for the appropriate stage of their children’s tooth development.

Emma Pittendreigh, Aquafresh Senior Brand Manager at GSK, comments: “As the number one kids’ oral health brand, we’re committed to supporting parents and educating them throughout their children’s toothcare journey.

“The new packaging now features more prominent design cues and colour coding to help parents distinguish between the products, their benefits and the age range that the product is designed for.”

Each product increases in flavour strength, appropriate to age and the stage of tooth development.

Aquafresh will also launch a new TV campaign in a new approach designed to target parents. This campaign will be across TV and digital from September onwards.

The advert will feature the iconic Captain Aquafresh and the popular Nurdles partaking in a relay race to overcome the threat of sugar, supporting the educational message of the importance of special care for children’s teeth.