App sales revenue rises by 39 percent for Bestway


Bestway Wholesale has seen impressive sales increase through the digital channel, with the total revenue via the companies’ apps going up by 39 percent year on year.

“Sales were up 8.67 percent on the Bestway Wholesale app last week verses the previous week and 31.69 percent on the BB Foodservice app; this is one of the highest weekly sales increases for the catering app since it launched last year,” commented Kenton Burchell, trading director at Bestway Wholesale.

The wholesaler said the two apps now account for around 30 percent of its total digital sales, with increased numbers of customers switching from the website to the app.

Both the app and the website have been designed to allow customers to switch between platforms halfway through their order, facilitating the shift.

Bestway has also announced several new features to its website which include moving the placement of deals on the website for easy access when ordering online, introducing grouping by category on the Christmas and New Year ‘December Deals’ and utilising shopper stats online to help retailers identify which products to stock.

The new best-one website launched last month will have further developments like improved search function and personalised product recommendations soon, the company added.

“The majority of feedback for our best-one website has been really positive with customers stating they have benefited from the improved shopping experience and improvements to the user interface,” Burchell said.