ACS outline priorities as May calls snap election

The ACS reacted to the news from PM Theresa May with a commitment to working for the best deal for local shops in the run up to the election.

The Association of Convenience Stores outlines its priorities as achieving meaningful reform of the business rates system, scrapping the time-consuming proposals for a deposit return scheme for bottles, ensuring crime against retailers is taken seriously and tackling the illicit alcohol and tobacco trade.

Speaking on the announcement, ACS Chief Executive James Lowman, said: “The election will be an opportunity for all parties to set out in manifesto pledges how they intend to support local shops in the next parliamentary term. Firstly, it is essential that action is taken to reform the business rates system and help retailers to invest.”

“We’re also keen to ensure that environmental issues are addressed through effective policies to reduce waste that don’t overburden local shops, and believe that extending the carrier bag charge to all retailers would be a beneficial, simple and effective solution.”

The ACS said it would be setting out more detailed election priorities for local shops in the near future.