Photo: Club Soda

Anybody who still doubts there’s a place for low alcohol drinks in the UK beer market should be at Spitalfields Market, London E1 on Saturday July 28. Mindful Drinking Festival on that day will definitely put all that doubts to rest.

The event is the third to be organised by mindful drinking movement Club Soda, and is expected to attract over 10,000 fans, from the sober curious and mums-to-be, to foodies and fitness fanatics. It has been designed to meet the growing curiosity for low and no-alcohol drinks and as well as beers, will also profile wines, spirits, sodas and infusions.

Ipswich based Big Drop Brewing Co., which claims to be the UK’s first brewing company dedicated exclusively to making only the finest <0.5% ABV beer, will be amongst those sampling their beers following a successful presence at the previous two festivals.

Big Drop founder, Rob Fink said: “Despite all the evidence showing that there’s a growing need to provide a selection of great tasting lower alcohol drinks, many retailers are reluctant to grasp the opportunity that this gives and still don’t stock a range of beers that appeal to such a significant group of society.

“One in five adults now claims to be tee-total and 18 percent of UK drinkers say they are changing their drinking habits, so it’s disappointing to see that so many mainstream off-trade outlets are still to offer a representative range of lower alcohol beers.

Data shows that total no/low alcohol off-trade sales have been growing year on year, with value sales for the year to October 2017 at £73.1million across wine and beer, with the biggest growth being for no/low alcohol beer which grew £5.6million over the same period, to £35.5 million.

The first Mindful Drinking Festival in August 2017 brought 2,500 people together to try the best non-alcoholic beers and wines, and adult soft drinks.

Market research firm Kantar then said: “The festival proves the popularity of mindful drinking … the event will attract the huge numbers of mindful drinkers in and around London. We hope that other alcohol brands will follow in their footsteps and respond positively to this new, emergent movement.”

Club Soda organised a second event during winter 2017.